President's Biography

Dr. Abdul Zaher Shakeeb is actually from Angam district of Kunar Province, but he has born in Haji Zarghoon Village of Dasht-e-Archi District of Kunduz Province on 13th of Hamal in 1356 corresponding to 2 April 1977. He has pursued his primary study in Hazrat Omer Farouq High school in Dir Zuli Chandawul Village in Lower Pakhtunkhwa. Later on, in 1365 he enrolled in Mohammedi High School in Timor Kerai and he graduated from Shaheed Malawi Habiburahman High School in 1371. In the same year (1371), he was enrolled in Language and Literature Department of Nengarhar University, but due to some challenges he was faced with, he left his study in final semester in 1375. In 1381, however, he obtained his bachelor degree from the mentioned university with outstanding marks.

On 18 Hamal 1383, he passed the cadre examination of the Academy of Science of Afghanistan and he became scientific member in International Centre for Pashto Studies. In 1384, he promoted to the grade of Junior Assistant Professor, meanwhile he pursued his master degree in Pashto Department in Faculty of Literature in Kabul University and he obtained his master degree in 1386. In 1388, he promoted to the grade of assistant professor and he obtained the grade of associate professor in 1393.

In 1384, Mr Shakeeb was assigned as the head of Compilation and Translation Institute in International Centre for Pashto Studies. From 1386 to 1390, he worked as scientific secretory in International Centre for Pahsto Studies. From 1392 to 1397, he carried the affairs of the Directory for Information and Public Communication department of the Academy of Science of Afghanistan. Later on, he was assigned as the acting president of the Academy of Science of Afghanistan. In 2018, he obtained PhD degree from Peshawar University.

Mr. Shakeeb has been awarded many appreciation certificates and based on the decree no. 163 date 26.12.1394 from his Excellency President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, he was granted the government medal of Alama Sayed Jamaluddin Afghani.    

During his PhD study in Peshawar University, he was the only student, in the history of the university, who worked as member of editorial board in academic journal of the university.

Mr. Shakeeb has written tens of academic articles which have been published in prestigious journals such as; Kabul, Taktu, Pashto & Peotaj journals, Zerai Gazette, Erfan, De Soli Hasa, Kunar Ghag, Senzela, Lamba, Kabdahar and Lopata journals, newspapers and web pages. Along with some of his colleagues and friends he took part in preparation of the 2nd vol. of Pashto-Pashto Descriptive Dictionary, Zahid Pashto-Pashto Dictionary, English-Pashto Dictionary, Aryana Encyclopaedia and Khushal Khan Khatek’s Collection. Furthermore, he has compiled over ten academic and research works, some of which have already been published. Also, he has remained as the co-editor for several works published under his consideration.