Evaluation of the plan and design of municipal wastewater treatment plants (District 10)

Tue, Sep 27 2022 9:06 AM

2- Executor: Research Fellow Mohammad Murtaza "Sherzoy"

3- Execution period: from 12/9/1399 to 21/9/1405

4- Purpose and urgency of scientific-research project: In Kabul city, there are wide-ranging problems related to disposal, transportation and treatment of municipal wastewater, and these problems have spread from the level of houses to the level of neighborhoods and urban areas. In this research, the feasibility of comprehensive urban wastewater management and the use of centralized and decentralized systems is an issue. The purpose of this research is to design a suitable municipal wastewater treatment plant according to the different conditions in the tenth district of Kabul.

5- Research question design:

- What are the solutions to the obstacles and limitations of the municipal sewage system at present?

- What are the new systems and advances in municipal wastewater treatment?

- How can a sustainable framework for municipal wastewater management be created?

- How are the proper methods of wastewater treatment and the efficiency of the centralized and decentralized system done?

- What are the specifications of the technical design of municipal wastewater treatment plants?

6- Research method: analytical, descriptive and field.

7- Expected results (theoretical and practical): With the completion of this project, a scientific-research work will be prepared and will help the problems of municipal sewage.