Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan (ASA) is the official government agency of Afghanistan that regulates the Pashto and Dari Persian languages spoken in Afghanistan. The Academy has more than 300 research fellows, divided into three main groups: social science, natural sciences, and Islamic studies.

Message from ASA

1 week ago

Dr. Abdul Zahir Shakeeb, originally from Dangam district of Kunar province, was born on 9 th December in the village of Haji Zarghoon in Dasht-e-Archi district of Kunduz province. Up to the age of Koza, Pukhtoon studied at Hazrat Omar Farooq's primary school in Jindol district of Thirzila district, then in the 7th grade at Thammari Mohammedi High School, in the 9th grade, teaching at the same high school until 12th. He graduated from Shaheed Maulvi Habib-ur-Rehman High School, the same year as Nangarha. The University of Languages ​​and Literature enrolled in the Pashto language, and the university remained in the last semester due to some difficulties on the 5th year, then graduated from the university in the first year of the first year.

 Dr. Abdul Zahir Shakeb