Human Science books

The Position of the Pashto in the Classification of Aryani Languages

Comparative Study of Pashto, Gawari and Palori Languages

The Ethics and Principles of Criticism

A Study of Prose Poem (Mosajja Prose)

Study of The Pashto Literature’s Progress During The 2nd Half of the 20st Century

Aryana Dictionary (Pashto – Pashto) Vol - 1

History of Literature of Pashayi Language

The Exigency of Revising Afghanistan’s Economic System

History of Parthian

A Study of historical events in Pashto folk poetry (1839 – 1919)

Aryana or Afghanistan (A Short History of Afghanistan) 1st & 2nd Volume

Contemporary Writers of Pashto

Badakhshan’s Literary Pioneers

India’s Relations with USA and Russia Implications for Afghanistan (1991-2016)

Economic Development Factors of Afghanistan

Gender in Shughnani – Roshani and Pashto languages