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Comparison of the Specialities of Iraqi and Khurasani School of thought in Poems of Anwari and Farokhi

word making specifications in dari contemporary poetry

The Factors of The Rise and Fall of Saljuks in Afghanistan

Ghazi Amanullah Khan Character and work Background

The Reigh of Babur in Kabul and India

Humanitarian Messages of mystical literature in the last century

Balochi language and its grammatical features

Pashton Hamza

Bayazid Roshan and theosophical Knowledge

Genealogical Study of Indo-European Language

Cultural - Literary Chronology

Comparison of Kalila Wa Demna-e Bahramshahi With Anwar-e Sohayli Kashefi

Learning Avestan Script and Language

Comparative Analysis of Provisions of Afghanistan Law on Extradition of accused and Convicted Persons and Justice Cooperation

زنده گی نامه وزیر