Introduction to Academy of Sciences Afghanistan

The Academy of Sciences, as the highest scientific-research institution in the country, is responsible for organizing and leading scientific-research in the fields of human sciences, natural sciences and Islamic studies.

The president of the Academy of Sciences is at the top management and at the head of each section, there is one vice chancellor of the Academy of Sciences. In addition, there is an academic chancellor at this level. 

Each section is divided into scientific centers, institutes and departments, which in total there are "17" scientific centers, "48" institutes "66" departments, diagnostic and research clinics in the medical center, ethnographic research museum, National Commission of Science and Technology, library, staff management office, information and public relations office, cultural relations office, policy and plan office, gender directorate and kindergarten.

The Academy of Sciences consists of academic members and administrative employee , which includes a total of "464" positions, 255 of which are academic positions and the remaining 209 are civil service positions.

Conducting scientific research in various fields and coordination of research for the improvement of social status, cultural enrichment, economic growth, evaluation of natural resources and effective ways of their utilization, improving the quantitative and qualitative development of science and knowledge and strengthening religious and Islamic Culture in the country are the goals of the Academy of Sciences.