Deputy Of Human Sciences

Introduction, Objectives and Activities of Deputy for Human Sciences

Deputy for Human Sciences works under the organizational chart of Academy of Sciences Afghanistan, encompassing six centers such as Center for Social Sciences, Center for Regional Studies, International Center for Pasthu Studies, Center for Archaeology, Center for Kushani Studies and Center for Language and literature. Each center conducts scientific research in their study area as per the requirement of the society.


To conduct scientific research on human sciences for the development of knowledge and culture.


Conducting research for the development of national and regional languages and cultures; holding scientific seminars to address important national, regional and global issues; providing policy initiatives for sectoral organizations; collaborating with governmental universities for the implementation of master and PhD studies; conducting research on history and culture of Afghanistan; and compilation of dictionaries and encyclopedia.


The Deputy for Human Sciences manages and controls the activities and objectives of the aforementioned six centers.

The six centers of Deputy for Human Sciences are briefly introduced as follow: