Human Science books

The Study of Nangarhar Socioeconomic Structure (2012-2017)

Pashto Literary Schools in Classic Era

constitution of the Supreme Government of Afghanistan

History of Pashayee Language’s Literature

A Glim on Allama Eqbal Lahoori's World View


Alphabet of Gawari Language

The Research Methodology in the Printed Collections of Pashton Folklore

Writing , Reading & Grammar of Ormuri Language

Script & Grammar of Ormuri Language

Grammatical Closeness of Pashto & Pashai Language

The Fundamental Right Freedoms and obligations of Citizens in Afghanistan Constitution (1976)

Poetry Comprebension

Genius Khushal

Proverbs & Idioms in the Literature of Rahman Baba & Hamid Momand

Badakhshan in terms of culture and history