Introduction of Archeological research center

This center was established in 1967 as a directorship within the framework of national museum, after that operated as independent directorship within the ministry of information and culture. In 1982 started its scientific activities within the framework of Academy of sciences.

Furthermore, after the civil war and creation of transitional government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, according to order of (118) in 2002, the Archeological Science Center rejoined the Ministry of Information and Culture.

  In 2011, based on approval of respected Presidential Palace of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Center of Archeology, with (11) members, started the entity and is still running successfully under the supervision of Science Academy.

This center has a head of institute and scientific secretary, the Institute has following department:

1-perhistoric  department.

2- Greco- Bactrian department

3- Department of Islamic period

4- Engineering department

5- Numismatic department

Another activity of this center is the   manage of Archaeology journal that publish in national and international languages. In this journal publish scientific articles and scientific reports about Archaeology and history of Afghanistan.

In addition of these activities Archeological research center research about ancient sites which after research publish in the form of books.