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Tue, Sep 27 2022 9:06 AM
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Evaluation of the plan and design of municipal wastewater treatment plants (District 10)

Executor: Research Fellow Mohammad Murtaza "Sherzoy" Execution period: from 12/9/1399 to 21/9/1405 Purpose and urgency of scientific-research project: In Kabul city, there are wide-ranging problems related to disposal, transportation and treatment of municipal wastewater, and these problems have spread from the level of houses to the level of neighborhoods and urban areas.

Wed, Sep 21 2022 12:43 PM
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Investigating the working activities of transformers in urban electricity networks

Transformers act as the main element of electrical supply in the system and improve the efficiency of transformers in different parts of the network,

Sat, Aug 20 2022 11:36 AM
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The Study of geographic spread of deserts in Afghanistan

Duration: 13/12/1398 to 13/12/1404 Author: Research Fellow Abdul Rahman latif. Abstract Climate change, natural disasters, and environmental degradation are among the issues of concern that have made the lives of living beings challenged and endangered. Undoubtedly, Desertification is one of the most dangerous natural problems in the world today, which is constantly increasing and spreading.

Tue, Aug 09 2022 10:26 AM
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Evaluation of soil Fertility status some District of East turn part (Nangrahar, Laghman and Kunar) provinces of Afghanistan

Researcher: Assistant Professor Khalil Rahman (Barakzai) Abstract Soil fertility evaluation of an area or region is an important aspect in context of sustainable agriculture production. The macro nutrients govern the fertility of soils and control the growth and yields of crops.

Wed, Jul 27 2022 10:58 AM
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Research on the epidemiology, causes, complications and treatment of hydronephrosis

Researcher: Associate Professor dr.Mirwais (Haqmal) Duration: 28.11.1395 – 28.11.1401 Venue: In the country This is a descriptive research. The research data is collected in prospective and retrospective formats. This scientific-research project is written in five chapters in Pashto national language. The first chapter is about the background and the second chapter is general information on the topic, the third chapter is research on epidemiology and causes of hydronephrosis, The fourth chapter is research on the complications and treatment of hydronephrosis, and the fifth chapter deals with the scientific-health

Sat, Jul 23 2022 11:13 AM
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Research on the properties Gazak black marble

Researcher: Research Assistant Eng. Sayed Reza Ehsani Purpose, urgency, methods and expected results of the research: Marble is one of the most important building and decorative stones with wide application. Gazak black marble have special importance in terms of ornamentation and close proximity to Kabul as building and decorative stones. Due to the role of marbles in the reconstruction of the country, there is an urgent need for the mentioned marble, in this regard, the study of geological and physical – mechanical properties of these marbles are the purpose of the research. In this research, various library, field and laboratory methods are used. The following findings will be obtained from the research:

Mon, Jul 04 2022 11:42 AM
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Research on the epidemiology and complications of cardiac valves stenosis and failure

The name of the researcher: Research fellow Dr. Abdulrahim wardak scientific member of medical science center. Place of execution: Afghanistan Execution period: 1398 / 11 / 13 – 1404 / 11 / 13 The project will be written in four chapters, in the first chapter the background of the subject, in the second chapter, the scientific part of the cardiac valves stenosis and failure will be explained. in this section of the project the new international valid references, internet resources and literatures will be used, in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth chapters, epidemiology, major causes, complications, scientific-health value, results, suggestions and appendices of the mention subject will be placed.

Thu, Jun 30 2022 12:27 PM
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A Study of the Russian Federation and Tajikistan Relations (1991-2019)

1-Researcher: Professor Abdulrahim Bakhtani. 3- Aim of the Research: The aim of this research is to study the political, economic, cultural and military relations between the Russian Federation and Tajikistan.

Mon, Jun 27 2022 10:42 AM
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The Condition of Mountainous and Alpine Tundra Climatic Zones in Afghanistan

Introduction to Scientific-Research Project Series: Executor: Research Fellow Abdul Wahab Hamdard. Scientific Member of the Geo Sciences Center. Duration of implementation of this project: 23/7/1399 to 23/7/1405 This project consists of six chapters, the main purpose of which is on important climatic issues, including the purpose and urgency of exploiting climatic conditions due to favorable and unfavorable environment, assessing hazardous conditions and designing appropriate plans to reduce the risks. Climate change is one of the goals of this study. And its effects on the vital conditions of the region are the subject of research.