Human Science books

tradition and value introduction writing in pashto literature

Half-Decade Chronology of Afghanistan Relations with the Regional Countries

Pashto Literature & Culture of Swat

An Analytical Study on Pashto Manuscript in Academy of Science Afghanistan

Commerccial Law

The Short Story of Pashto in Pashtunkhwa

The Folklore Literature of Gawari Language

philosophy of literature

symposium of folklore studies

the collection of mufti abdul hanan daie's poems

100 cultural successes

water in exchange of oil and sea port

Comparison of the Specialities of Iraqi and Khurasani School of thought in Poems of Anwari and Farokhi

word making specifications in dari contemporary poetry

The Factors of The Rise and Fall of Saljuks in Afghanistan

Ghazi Amanullah Khan Character and work Background