The understanding of Namah Hamkari, this is scientific - The investigation of Mian Academi of Science and Baniad my investigation is human

Mon, Jan 25 2021 9:36 AM
امضاي تفاهم نامه همكاري هاي علمي- تحقيقي ميان اكادمي علوم و بنياد تحقيقاتي انسان

Before the back of Yik Shanba 5 Aquarius 1399 Mian Academia of Afghanistan and Baniadati A human being, the understanding of Namah Hemkari Hai Scientific - the investigation of Rasid.

Where is the understanding of Namah Kahdar, the presence of the Prosecutor of Dr. Abdel Dhakib Shakib Reyes, the academy of Az Sui Sarmak, the investigator of Dr. Mohamed Alam Isaac, Zeeb, the associate of human sciences, the academic of Fahimullah, Karim Reyes Baniad, a human sciences, Zamina Saz Barzari, his program Hey my knowledge, Seminarhae my investigations and harmony of my investigation is shared by Mian du Nihad Me Bashed.

Dr. Shakib, the general head of the Academy of Sciences, expressed the expansion of academic partnerships as one of the important programs of the Academy of Sciences, which conducted credible scientific research has a direct impact on the progress and development of the country, and we are ready to accept the suggestions and plans of thinkers and It's been scientific-research and we welcome it.

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