Investigation of the Consequences of Climate Change on Agricultural Production Parwan and Kapisa provinces between 1370 -1400 solar years

Sat, Oct 15 2022 12:55 PM

Executor:  Chief Researcher Abdul Baseer Azam

As shown (above or below), in the last four decades, drastic changes have taken place in the global climate, because of which the Earth's temperature has risen and successive droughts have occurred.

These cultivations have led to adverse effects on the growth and yield of world crops. To determine the magnitude of its effects and ways to reduce adverse effects. Scientific research is essential to determine the magnitude of these effects and discover ways (to reduce or to compensate for or overcome) them. Therefore, in this study, the production level of cereals and fruits in the Parwan and Kapisa provinces of Afghanistan has been collected for years 1370 to 1400.  This data is then analyzed to establish the adverse effects of climate change on the food production levels in those provinces.

Note 1:  replace development with cultivation if you are talking about health of the plants and replace development with yield or production levels if you are talking about size of the crops/how much food is produced.