The Condition of Mountainous and Alpine Tundra Climatic Zones in Afghanistan

Mon, Jun 27 2022 10:42 AM

:Introduction to Scientific-Research Project Series

Executor: Research Fellow Abdul Wahab Hamdard.

Scientific Member of the Geo Sciences Center.

Duration of implementation of this project: 23/7/1399 to 23/7/1405

This project consists of six chapters, the main purpose of which is on important climatic issues, including the purpose and urgency of exploiting climatic conditions due to favorable and unfavorable environment, assessing hazardous conditions and designing appropriate plans to reduce the risks. Climate change is one of the goals of this study. And its effects on the vital conditions of the region are the subject of research.

Also, considering the above issues, the expected scientific and theoretical results of this project will be studied and analyzed by climatic factors and elements, receiving vital conditions in climatic zones, comparative study of mountainous and alpine tundra climatic regions and their effects on vital issues and confrontation. With environmental threats is one of its consequences