Saeed in the circle of content and form of his Dewan

Mon, Sep 25 2023 10:59 AM

By: Junior Ass. Prof. Hemayatullah Khad 


In our classic history of literature, we had excellent writer’s poets that unfortunately till now their different side of lives are unclear and, also there is no accurate information about their place and time of living and their tribe. As we said that periods of literature we had outstanding writer and poet whom wrote many books and title but we just know their names or we know about simple of their work. In classic history of Pashto literature Saeed is also one of excellent and prominent poet because of social disorders, we do not have accurate source without his Dewan to know about him.

Every literatures researcher who talk about Saeed is not able to talk without his poetry.

In this article in addition of his life we will discuss about his style, Pashto Dewan, totally form and content of his poetry, in mean while we will clear Saeed academic and literary personality.    


Saeed in the circle of content and form of his Dewan.pdf