Impacts of Tariffs on Afghanistan-Pakistan Trade Relations

Sun, Mar 07 2021 10:31 AM


Afghanistan-Pakistan trade relations have a long history. Over the past three decades, especially since 2006, these relations have improved and expanded tremendously and in year 2013 the bilateral trade volume reached to 2.5 billion US dollar. But after 2014 because of consistent and continued inconveniences and hurdles from Pakistani side to Afghan traders and goods lead to a steady decline in trade and the trade figures drop down to 1464 million USD in year 2018, further; instead of Pakistan the trade transactions with Iran and some Central Asian countries are increasing day by day. Despite other problems the recent increase in tariffs or custom-duty will further weaken trade relations between the two countries.


د افغانستان او پاکستان پر سوداګریزو اړیکو د ګمرکي تعرفو اغېزې.pdf