Turkey’s Position in Afghanistan’s Foreign Policy

Sun, Mar 14 2021 2:24 PM


Every country makes foreign policy to answer its national needs and goals and acquire national interests. In the past, Afghanistan’s foreign policy framework was not clear, but during Hamid Karzai presidency after 2001, foreign policy was defined in three circle of neighboring countries and region; Islamic countries and international society and it was more security centric. Today, foreign policy of national unity government is focused on the axis of economy and defined on five circles. Neighboring countries; Islamic world; powerful countries, which have knowledge, power and wealth; Asian countries and international organizations. In this regard, Afghanistan has friendly relations with Turkey since past ages and it has special position in foreign policy of Afghanistan in the circles of (Asian countries, Islamic world and international organizations). After 9/11, Turkey’s troops came to Afghanistan in the frame of ISAF and assisted Afghan government in economic and cultural areas. Turkey also participated and contributed in national and international conferences regarding Afghanistan’s reconstruction.


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