A brief introduction to the medical sciences research center

The medical sciences center of the academy of sciences operates in the framework of the natural–technical sciences by respecting the scientific research method. Since 1357, the scientific members of the center of medical sciences have been conducting research activities in the framework of the institute of natural sciences. During the year 1367, the medical sciences research center continued its activities as a center in the part of common diseases and medical sciences investigations in the country, considering the urgent need. In 1367 dear academician professor dr. Mohammad Musa Wardak was pointed out as the first honorary president of this center. From 1382 to 1384, dear Professor Abdul hai Momeni was appointed as the honorary head of this center; he was appointed s the official directorate of this center in 1384 and continued his work until his retirement in 1386. At the beginning of 1386, dear senior research fellow Dr. Ahmad shah Omar Wardak was elected as the head of this center and continued his work as the directorate of this center until the end of 1388. From the beginning of 1389 to the end of 1391, dear Dr. Muhammad Hasan Saye did his job as the head of this center. From the beginning of 1392 up to now dear research fellow Dr. Mirwais Haqmal has been done responsibility as the directorate of this center and is currently running it. This center during its own operation had experienced researchers and academic members who conducted research on useful healthy topics. This center currently has 8 academic members, 24 scientific – research projects have been completed in accordance with the medical pathology and urgent needs of the country and have been published or prepared for publication in the form of scientific – research resources, also in these projects, ways of common diseases of the country have been suggested. Also, currently 7 scientific- research projects are under work in this center. The mentioned center has organized 7 scientific – research seminars at the national level. And has also published a collection of articles from its scientific – research seminars. Although, the center of medical sciences conducted scientific research on the Gulran disease that was spread in Heart province in the year 1386 and at the same time held a scientific – research seminar on the above disease, after which a collection of its articles was also published. Medical science center the collection of articles of scientific – research seminar under the title of the investigation of the cases of the covid – 19 disease at the beginning of the spread of the disease was published in the month of Sawar 1399 and presented for the purpose of profiting to his countrymen in two languages, Pashto and Dari. About 75 scientific – research conferences have been presented by the scientific members of the medical sciences center on health-related topics and also 100 scientific research articles have been written and published by the scientific members of this center on vital and healthy topics.

For example, we mention the inventions of the medical sciences center of the academy of sciences, in 1382, the medical sciences center conducted its research on major respiratory diseases and recommended to the world health organization to include the pneumonia vaccine in Afghanistan’s national vaccination program, which was approved by the world health organization. In the year 1386, the members of the medical sciences center conducted their scientific research on a new disease that occurred in the Gulran district of Heart province and they presented the results to all participating organizations (public health ministry, shaheed Mohammad Dawood khan hospital, higher education ministry, pharmacy faculty, and Kabul medical university ) in the presence of the WHO and its financial support, which disappeared the Gulran disease from the country by those medical science recommendations. The world health organization in addition to the financial support of the mentioned seminar has given gifts to all participants and they published the major respiratory disease book that we mentioned earlier and the book on the investigation of hemorrhoid clinical manifestations and post-operative earlier complications at their own expense. The members of the medical sciences center of the academy of sciences authorship and translated scientific books in the medical field, more than 1000 medical articles have been written, edited, and translated in this research center for Ariana encyclopedia. By the members of the medical sciences center, the first volume of the encyclopedia of children and adolescent has been translated. For Ariana's dictionary, the written medical words in Pashto and Dari languages were under the control of the scientific members of the medical sciences center.

Also, in order to raise public awareness about new and acute diseases in the country, a medical paper (Roghtia Pana) has been published by the medical sciences center.

The medical science center signed an official protocol with Kabul medical university, the ministry of Public health, and the ministry of national defense (Sardar Mohammad Dawood khan hospital) for running clinical and laboratory investigations. The members of this center carry out their research in the hospitals and laboratories of the mentioned ministries.

This center works closely with sector administrations and has actively participated in all technical commissions related to health through its scientific members.

On the other hand, the medical sciences center evaluated the claims of inventors of the country which have been submitted to this center and has presented its scientific and professional opinion about them