Study and Comparison of Greek-Bactrian Coins with Kushanian Coins

Thu, Apr 14 2022 10:04 AM

Duration of implementation:  27/6/1398- 27/6/1404= (Sep 2019- Sep 2025)

The project has a table of contents, introduction, six chapters, the first chapter (review of the subject background), the second chapter (review of coins of the Greek-Bactrian period), the third chapter (review coins of the Kushan period), the fourth chapter (the role of godhead in coins of Greek-Bactrian Chapter 5 (The role of godhead and importance of many religions in Kushan coins), Chapter 6 (Comparison coins of Kushan period with the Greek-Bactrian), results, suggestions and references.

Numismatics is an important part of archeology that reflects the civilization of the ancient world, kings and rulers of different historical and ancient periods. And it helps, and in the light of that, the Commercial, Economic, Linguistic, Calligraphic relations of the reign of kings, and other obscure and dark subjects illuminate a historical period and do a great service to the past.