Research on the epidemiology, causes, complications and treatment of hydronephrosis

Wed, Jul 27 2022 10:58 AM

Researcher: Associate Professor dr.Mirwais (Haqmal)

Duration: 28.11.1395 – 28.11.1401

Venue: In the country

This is a descriptive research. The research data is collected in prospective and retrospective formats. This scientific-research project is written in five chapters in Pashto national language. The first chapter is about the background and the second chapter is general information on the topic, the third chapter is research on epidemiology and causes of hydronephrosis, The fourth chapter is research on the complications and treatment of hydronephrosis, and the fifth chapter deals with the scientific-health value of the topic, the findings, and recommendations of the research. Finally, this scientific-research project has references and an appendix. With the completion of this scientific-research project on the mentioned disease, epidemiological research data will be obtained in the country, main causes of this clinical problem, ways of prevention from complications, and effective methods of treatment will be pointed out. There will also be a comprehensive discussion on how to use, effectiveness, benefits, harms, and complications of new therapeutic methods.