Wildlife research in some provinces of Afghanistan

Thu, Sep 29 2022 10:20 AM

Author: Chief Researcher Mohammad Yasin Farahmand


All living things, including plants and non-domestic animals that survive without human intervention and ensure the survival of their offspring, are called wildlife, except in this study, only those animals that are economically important and In Afghanistan there are discussed.

 The Wild animal’s importance are as follows:

1- Providing household consumption such as meat, milk, etc.

2- Economic value is obtained from the sale of their meat and skin,

3- Recreational value: Humans enjoy watching wildlife, especially animals and birds.

4- Scientific value: Many scientific research are done on wild animals.

5. Ecological value: Wildlife plays an important role in the era of water, food and reducing environmental pollution.

In this scientific research, first the economic, recreational, scientific and ecological importance of wild animals is discussed, the types of wild animals in some provinces of Afghanistan are identified, their living conditions are studied, endangered and extinct animals are identified and animals Wild are classified in terms of nutrition and generation and their lifespan is described.

Existing problems related to wild animals have been identified and based on that, constructive and useful suggestions have been presented in relation to preventing the extinction of wild animals.