Pakistan-United States Relations and its Implications for Afghanistan’s and Regions Economic, Political and Social Situations (1991- 2016)

Wed, Apr 27 2022 11:08 AM

Researcher: Assistant Professor Abdul Saboor Mubariz

Duration: From 02/Jan/2020 to 02/Jan/2025

Objectives: The main objective of this research is to analysis Pakistan-U. S economic, political and social ties and its impact on Afghanistan and the Region.

Significance: The United States has good and close relations with Pakistan than any other country in the region; Afghanistan is in the neighborhood of Pakistan and Pakistan’s Policies directly effect on Afghanistan and in addition to that Pakistan – U.S ties also have an impact on Afghanistan, so analyzing these relations and clarifying their impacts on Afghanistan showing the importance of this research.

Research Questions: This Study will answer the following two Primary questions:

  1. How was the relationship between Pakistan and the U.S in mentioned time period and how did it affect the region and Afghanistan?
  2. How Afghanistan can take benefits from US-Pakistan relations?

Research Methodology: descriptive-analytical.

Conclusion: the research will Clarify that the bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States are based on which principles. in mentioned time period how the relationship between the two countries are close and for what reasons have it weakened? Also it will be clear that, how the relations between the two countries affect political, economic and socio-cultural situation in the region and Afghanistan. In addition, throw this research we will be able to know that how we can take advantages from the positive aspect of this relationship and how to avoid its negative aspects.

Percentage of Completion: 30%