Research on Electricity Generation from Sun radiation in Afghanistan

Sat, Nov 26 2022 10:54 AM

Executive: Deputy Chief Researcher Engineer Najibullah "Hosseini"

Project Duration: From 02/12/1395 to 02/12 /1401

Objectives and objectives of scientific-research project:

The need for increasing energy growth, increasing vital standards, has led to greater energy use in human societies, which has also led to overheating of the earth.

However, the common energy (fossil) is decreasing and its economic value is increasing.

Considering the above, scientists, policy makers and energy policy makers are trying to encourage investment in clean and renewable resources and to solve the future energy problem of the world by replacing the above sustainable resources. Since our country, Afghanistan, is also facing a shortage of electricity, Therefore, electricity generation and distribution are serious priorities in the country and Afghanistan with a suitable geographical location in the North Half of the World with more than 300 sunny days a year has a special place in power supply and growth of the country's economy.

Research Issues:

- Geomorphological characteristics of different areas of Afghanistan;

- Study and identification of sun radiation in different parts of the country;

- Stabilization of electricity generation capacity in different areas of the country;

- Stabilization of the average radiation energy limit in different parts of the country;

- The role of photovoltaics in electrical energy production;

- Evaluation of stabilization of suitable areas for installation of photovoltaic plates in the country;

- Energy generated by photovoltaic systems independently and connected to the network,

Evaluation of technical-economic effectiveness.

- Research Methodology: software, analytical, comparative and library use.

- Pending results and suggestions are terminated.