A Brief introduction of encyclopedia center Of Afghanistan Science Academy

Science 40 years the encyclopedia center Directorate is perusing its activities under the Afghanistan Sciences Academy general directorate. It has 10 scientific, administrative and service member.

This directorate located in the shir-pur square in a building which is known at stone building (sangi wadani). At first this center established as the << Encyclopedia Association>> in the structure of Pashto Association (Pashto Tolana) at 1320 sh / 1941AD, where Pashto Association belonged to press Department.

First manager of this association was mai husain khan and this association evolved to the general management Department at 1325 SH from the management level and its first general manager was mohammad hasham pardis maiwandwal, thus at 1328 SH separate department created for the Pashto encyclopedia.

In the first period, the plan was to publish every copy at 1000 pages and before accomplishment and every copy should print and publish at 200 pages and its 5 chapters. So, according to the plan first and second chapter of first copy of Ariana encyclopedia printed at 1327 SH in 200, 200 pages and 3rd and 4th chapter issue at 1328 SH and printed and published at 1000 pages.

Mir Ali Asgar SHua’ was the Acting Director and director for this directorate while the first and second chapters issued and published. 6th copy of this period of Ariana encyclopedia was completed at 1348 SH.

In the first period, Pashto Ariana encyclopedia was 7 volumes and Dari Ariana encyclopedia was 6 volumes. It is also mentionable that, along with Ariana encyclopedia, this association issued geographical dictionary at both Pashto and Dari languages at 6 and 4 volumes.

The second period of Ariana encyclopedia was started after long delayed, based on the 16th decree of 4/15/1381 of the excellency hamid karzai’s Transitional government.

Directorate of encyclopedia center create “the establishment and evaluation commission,” where the scholars of ASA, Kabul university, Kabul medical university and Kabul polytechnic university and other scientific associations members was involved. Thereafter, they started Dari and Pashto Ariana encyclopedia writing affairs at the same time. The second period of Ariana encyclopedia was seven, seven volumes. The first volume of second period printed and published in both Pashto and Dari languages under the directorate of pro.soraya popal at 1386 SH and the seventh and last volume of Ariana encyclopedia in both ( Pashto and Dari) version was issued at 1397 SH under the directorate of Pro. Latifa Qureshi. This period also wrote based on the first period decree of government.

The historical and literary celebrities and other subjects after establishment of the mentioned commission edited by the scholars of the same scientific field , but new terms and entries of different branches of science has provided by the contribution of different institutes of ASA, Kabul university and establishment and evaluation commission and has given for the establishment of the encyclopedia terms.

More than 100 writers contribute and help in the writing of the Ariana encyclopedia from the different academic and scientific associations.

The terms of Ariana encyclopedia have written from the internal and external authentic sources and it managed and prepared by the alphabetic order. As per the establishment and evaluation commission decision, “giving reference which cause to increase the book volume, it has prohibited, but these references are save in the related archive.”

The second period of Ariana encyclopedia which are totally 14 volumes and 7 of them are in pashto and 7 other are in dari language, has offer after several decades’ delay to the academic and cultural society of the country.

It’s a perfect source for the schools and universities students and lecturers, researchers could get benefits from Ariana encyclopedia.

After the accomplishment of the second period of Ariana encyclopedia, according to the ASA’s strategic plan we start work on human and natural sciences specialized and youth and children encyclopedia. The first period of youth and children encyclopedia 1st and 2nd volumes are completed and publish in dari language ate 1398 SH and 1399 SH. After its first volume has translated form dari into Pashto at 1399 and published as well and and this process is continuing.

As per the mentioned strategic plan, since 2 years the literature encyclopedia is under process and will publish as soon as possible.