Indo-US Strategic Partnership; Foreign Policies and Impacts for Afghanistan (2016-2022)

Sat, May 21 2022 1:30 PM

Introduction the Scientific-Research Project


Executor: Research Fellow Ziaulhaq Zia

Date of execution: 2021/1/14 to 2027/1/15

Purpose and importance of the Project:

The purpose of this scientific-research project is to analyze the Indo-US strategic partnership, to identify the strategic partnership in international relations, and to discuss and analyze the implications of the Indo-US strategic partnership and foreign policies for Afghanistan.

The USA's positions, responses, and strategic alliances in the international arena have far-reaching implications for other countries. In this context, the study of the USA's strategic partnership with India and their foreign policies and strategic partnership implications for Afghanistan is one of the critical scientific-research topics.

Research on this project is carried out in the framework of the following approved topics:

Obstacles and Opportunities of Indo-US Strategic Partnership, Reasons for Establishment of Indo-US Strategic Partnership, Influence of External Factors on Indo-US Strategic Partnership, Political, Economic and Military Relations, and Nuclear Cooperation in the framework of their strategic partnership, the study of India-US strategic implications and foreign policy for Afghanistan.

Expected results

The completion of this study will illustrate the development and nature of the Indo-US strategic partnership, as well as the political, economic, nuclear, defense, and security relations between the two countries within the framework of the strategic partnership. A comprehensive discussion and analysis will be conducted on the implications of the strategic partnership, and foreign policy for Afghanistan. in the light of this analysis, necessary, scientific, and practical policies recommendations will be made to the Government of Afghanistan.