A Comparative Study of China's and Russia's Foreign Policies Toward Central Asia and Implications for the Region (1991 – 2020)

Sat, Jun 11 2022 10:23 AM

Introduction to a scientific research project in English:

Author: Asst. Prof. Imran Zakeria

Duration: 24/ Aug/ 2017 to 18/ Sep/ 2024

Objective: This study aims to examine China's and Russia's foreign policies toward Central Asia, as well as their political, economic, and security consequences for the region and Afghanistan.

Significance: Central Asia is considered Russia's security zone and former sphere of influence. China requires energy and raw materials, and the Central Asian region as a whole, with its natural riches and short distances, is of particular importance to China. Afghanistan's geographic position links three regional systems that are strategically important to China and Russia, as well as Central Asia, in terms of politics, economics, and security.

Research Methodology: Descriptive – Analytical.

Expected Outcomes: The study will look into China's and Russia's approaches toward Central Asia, as well as the themes that they prioritize in their foreign policies. Assessing China's and Russia's foreign policies toward Central Asia will, in practice, could provide a great opportunity for the Afghan government to adopt a rational policy based on the preservation of the country’s interests and the avoidance of negative effects in dealing with China and Russia in Central Asia. This study will be a valuable resource for those developing foreign policy at the state level, research institutes, and universities.