Situation of Water in Central Asia and its Connection with Afghanistan

Wed, Mar 10 2021 11:20 AM


The Central Asia region is highly dependent on current surface water resources due to its location in the water-scarce part of the Asia continent. All the rivers in this region flow in two separate routes, the Amu Darya and the Serdarya, both of them flow into the Aral catchment area. Although the use of running water in Central Asia has a long history, during the Soviet era, water of these rivers extensively used for cultivation of cotton. After independence what were left from the Soviet Union's water policy as a legacy for the regional countries were series of problems, that negative consequences are still being felt make grounds for critical use of water in Central Asia. However, in the light of existing international documents and the natural intertwining of water between them, the countries of the region have made extensive arrangements at bilateral and multilateral levels that have somewhat prevented the water issue from becoming critical among them. Meanwhile, what remains potentially critical is the Central Asia water connection with Afghanistan. Although Afghanistan has a large share of the Amu Darya's water supply, it currently makes little use of the available water in Amu Darya basin and other areas with Central Asia, It also does not have part in Central Asia water mechanism. Lack of transparency in determining Afghanistan's share in the Central Asia watercourse could make this issue critical in the future between Afghanistan and its northern neighbors.


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