The Relationships of the US and Central Asian Countries

Wed, Mar 10 2021 2:55 PM


Washington wants to overview its foreign policy with Central Asia following the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan. After September 11 attacks on the American soil in 2001 and the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan by the United States, the US foreign policy for Central Asian countries had direct impact on the war in Afghanistan, during this time, the US needed Central Asian countries cooperation for transiting logistics to its troops being deployed in Afghanistan and the current war there helped boosting cooperation between the US and the Central Asian countries. However, rampant corruption, bad governance and violation of human rights in Central Asian countries were in conflict with US interests and values. The drawdown of US troops from Afghanistan paved the way for US to overview its foreign policy with Central Asian countries. Meanwhile, the exit of US troops and it's disengagement from the region worried leaders of Central Asian countries over threats to their national security and undermining their national sovereignty by China and Russia. After the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Central Asian countries would lose their importance and value for the US but bad governance and weak institutions would facilitate the ground for political instability in Central Asian countries. Two important countries of Central Asia suck as Tajikistan and Kazakhstan have already faced leadership issues. Weak governance and failed policies can help radicalization of Islamic groups in Central Asia and these groups would be influenced by global Jihadi groups’ ideology. There is fear of precious situation which existed before 2001 and to quell these threats of radical groups, Central Asian countries would use force and pressure. Regional stability and security would face daunting challenges if the US pulled out its troops from Afghanistan. The most important issue for United States is to prevent rising threats in the region and don't let the region to turn into a safe haven of anti -American elements and not to cause tensions among regional countries. The United States tries to work together with NATO, Russia, China, Pakistan and Central Asian countries to prevent possible chaos in the region and is concerned over the increasing role and influence of Russia, India, China and Iran in the Central Asian countries. After the departure of foreign troops from Afghanistan, the US would continue its collaboration with the Central Asian countries to enhance economic cooperation, preserve its national interests and make all out efforts to prevent threats to regional stability. The current war and instability in Afghanistan could have remarkable effect on the nature of relationship and cooperation between the US and Central Asian countries.


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