China's role and goals in improving Afghanistan - Pakistan relations

Mon, Mar 15 2021 11:16 AM


Afghanistan and china are two neighboring countries in the region that have 76 km joint border and have a long history of relations with together, but their formal and diplomatic relations have been established in 1955. Since 2001, China took steps very carefully in Afghanistan's affairs but after coming to power of President Ghani, its relations with Afghanistan entered to a new phase. It means China has started its involvement in the case of Afghanistan, and started the trilateral meetings between Afghanistan-China-Pakistan foreign ministers for the betterment of Kabul-Islamabad relations. China wants on the one hand to maintain its strategic partner Pakistan's prestige based terrorists protecting and from other hand, China tries to prevent and decrease their joint competitor India's influence in Afghanistan and the region.


د افغانستان-پاکستان په اړیکو ښه کولو کې د چین رول او موخې.pdf