Brief introduction of Chemistry, Biology and Agriculture center

The Chemistry, Biology and Agriculture Sciences center started its activities in the year 1981 with the formation of Natural Sciences section. Its formation was as follows:

Institute of Agriculture

1- Department of Agronomy.

2- Department of Economics and Agricultural Extension.

3- Department of Soil Science

4- Department of Agricultural Machinery.

5- Department of fruits and vegetables.


II - Institute of Chemistry

1- Organic Chemistry Department

2- Non-Organic Chemistry Department

3- Department of Physical Chemistry

4- Department of Biochemistry


III- Institute of Biology

1- Department of Botany

2- Department of Zoology

3- Department of Environmental Protection

4- Department of Genetics


The Scientifics members at the center have researched in various fields of chemical industries, such as glass making, paper making, leather making, chemical fertilizer production, analysis of fruits, vegetables and grains from the point of view of availability of vitamins, minerals and proteins, as well as Scientists have carried out scientific research on plants and animals. Institute of Agriculture have conducted extensive research in the fields of agronomy, horticulture, soil science, botany and plant diseases, and have published hundreds of scientific thesis. As well as than 500 scientific research articles have been prepared and published by this center. In addition some Scientifics members of this center has cooperation with other agencies and even has membership of their technical committees of some organizations, such as the National Standards Organization (ANSA), the Environmental Protection organization, the Kabul Municipality and the Ministry of Rural Development.

  As a result of the political developments that have taken place in the country over the last three decades, a number of Scientifics members  have emigrated from the country, or retired due to the senility, which has left their posts vacant for several years. The empty vacancies had been omitted each years, so the Scientifics number decreased year by year and now the formation of this center is as follows:

I-Institute of Agriculture

1- Department of Agronomy

2- Department of Soil Science

3- Department of fruits and vegetables

II-Institute of Biology

  1. Department of Botany

III- Institute of chemistry

  1. Department of organic chemistry

Note: The following scientific members have been appointed as the head of this Center:

1- Professor Dr. Sikandar Hussaini

2- Professor Rahmat Gul Ahmadi

3- Professor Mohammad Yasin Farahmand