research on the incidence, etiology, diagnosis and treatment of cardiogenic shock

Tue, May 31 2022 9:26 AM

Researcher: Associate professor Dr. ziaulRahman haqmal

Guide: Professor Dr. Hayathullah hayath

place of research: Academy of sciences of Afghanistan and Prestigious hospitals in the country

Time of research: from 20/ 5/ 2018 up to 19/ 5/ 2024

Abstract, objective and importance of this research:

Cardiogenic shock is a dangerous and deadly event that can occur in the course of different diseases. If these patients are not treated immediately by professional and experienced physicians at a modern cardiac center, more than 70 percent of patients die, and if treated by fulfilling the above mentioned conditions, nearly 40 percent of patients lose their life.

As the average age of our country's population has increased compared to the past, and due to low literacy levels, poor economic conditions and social problems the people of our country generally faces difficulties in controlling high blood pressure, sugar and other chronic diseases, the incidences of cardiogenic shock events occur at a high level. on the other side, due to the lack of modern medical equipment, centers and specialist medical personal, the morbidity and mortality level is very high, Therefore, it is essential to carry out a comprehensive study of the epidemic, diagnosis and treatment of cardiogenic shock in the conditions of our country.  

With the completion of this scientific research project, useful scientific figures on cardiogenic shock will be obtained, and based on their analysis, the results and necessary suggestions will be written to the relevant institutions.