The Study, Analysis and Evaluation of Drought in Amu, North and Harirod-Murghab Basins

Sat, Jun 04 2022 2:30 PM

The Series of Introduction of Scientific-Research Projects:

Author: Research Fellow Rafiullah Nosrati

Duration: 3/6/1399 to 3/6/1405

This scientific-research project, which is to be completed within a certain period of time by the Research fellow Rafiullah Nosrati, head of Hydrometeorology Institute of the Geo-Sciences Center, contains six chapters.

As everyone knows and history proves, Afghanistan has experienced many droughts over the years and has been severely affected by it, and now (2021) is also experiencing a severe and unprecedented drought. For this reason, this issue is to be researched. The purpose of this study is to study the drought of a climatic period (10 to 50 years) and to obtain the intensity and analysis of its effects using indicators of drought promoters in the world, to find the tendency of rainfall and temperature and to analyze the effects of drought on vital parts of the basins as mentioned above. The fact that Afghanistan has been facing intermittent droughts for many years and as a result all vital parts of this phenomenon have been severely damaged, therefore, it is urgent to study, analyze and find solutions to reduce the risks posed by it. The following results are to be obtained in this research:

Causes of drought, study, evaluation and analysis of drought and receiving its frequency in Amu, North and Harirod-Murghab basins, obtaining the intensity, duration and frequency of drought, study and analysis of drought effects in these areas, probability occurrence and forecast of drought, receiving monthly, seasonal and annual rainfall changes, receiving monthly, seasonal and annual changes in temperature, receiving months, seasons and hot years, semi-warm, normal, semi-cold and cold, receiving months, seasons and years dry, wet and normal. Also, study and analysis of the effects of drought (above the seas of major rivers) in these areas, receiving vulnerabilities and how to reduce the effects, zoning of vulnerability to drought and the economic and social effects of drought and many other cases.