Research on the epidemiology and complications of cardiac valves stenosis and failure

Mon, Jul 04 2022 11:42 AM

The name of the researcher: Research fellow Dr. Abdulrahim wardak scientific member of medical science center.

Place of execution: Afghanistan

Execution period: 1398 / 11 / 13 – 1404 / 11 / 13

The project will be written in four chapters, in the first chapter the background of the subject, in the second chapter, the scientific part of the cardiac valves stenosis and failure will be explained. in this section of the project the new international valid references, internet resources and literatures will be used, in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth chapters, epidemiology, major causes, complications, scientific-health value, results, suggestions and appendices of the mention subject will be placed.

Purpose and importance of the scientific research project: cardiac valves perform important and vital functions in the activity of normal cardiovascular system; therefore, any disturbance in them disrupts the function of the cardiovascular system. Their main and common disturbances are stenosis and failure. Heart valves diseases are highly prevalent worldwide, especially in developing countries of all different ages and genders. In case of lack of early diagnosis and specialized treatment, can cause complications with high level of morbidity and mortality. These abnormalities of the cardiac valves may be associated with a number of risk factors and causes which a lot of them are preventable and treatable, if these risk factors and causes are identified early or identified the under threaten groups and seek new and effective ways to prevent them, in this condition, the incidence of disease can be greatly reduced or it will be completely resolved. Treatment methods, complications, causes, facilitator risk factors and incidences of any disease in different countries with considering economic and health situation are different, therefore, according to Afghanistan conditions, research on epidemiology, causes, risk factors and complications of cardiac valves stenosis and insufficiency are necessary and important issue.