Research on the properties Gazak black marble

Sat, Jul 23 2022 11:13 AM

Researcher: Research Assistant Eng. Sayed Reza Ehsani

Purpose, urgency, methods and expected results of the research:

Marble is one of the most important building and decorative stones with wide application. Gazak black marble have special importance in terms of ornamentation and close proximity to Kabul as building and decorative stones.

Due to the role of marbles in the reconstruction of the country, there is an urgent need for the mentioned marble, in this regard, the study of geological and physical – mechanical properties of these marbles are the purpose of the research. In this research, various library, field and laboratory methods are used. The following findings will be obtained from the research:

  • Geological settings and development of Gazak marble mine.
  • Origin and formation conditions of Gazak marble mine.
  • Petrographic and mineralogical characteristics of Gazak marbles and its country rocks.
  • Physical – mechanical properties of Gazak marble.
  • Maps with different scales of the research areas.
  • Industrial and economic importance of Gazak marble.