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Mon, Jun 27 2022 10:42 AM
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The Condition of Mountainous and Alpine Tundra Climatic Zones in Afghanistan

Introduction to Scientific-Research Project Series: Executor: Research Fellow Abdul Wahab Hamdard. Scientific Member of the Geo Sciences Center. Duration of implementation of this project: 23/7/1399 to 23/7/1405 This project consists of six chapters, the main purpose of which is on important climatic issues, including the purpose and urgency of exploiting climatic conditions due to favorable and unfavorable environment, assessing hazardous conditions and designing appropriate plans to reduce the risks. Climate change is one of the goals of this study. And its effects on the vital conditions of the region are the subject of research.

Sat, Jun 11 2022 10:23 AM
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A Comparative Study of China's and Russia's Foreign Policies Toward Central Asia and Implications for the Region (1991 – 2020)

Introduction to a scientific research project in English: Author: Asst. Prof. Imran Zakeria Objective: This study aims to examine China's and Russia's foreign policies toward Central Asia, as well as their political, economic, and security consequences for the region and Afghanistan.

Tue, Jun 07 2022 11:11 AM
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Epidemiology, Clinical features and Treatment of Sigmoid Volvulus

Execution time: It was from 23/2/1393 up to 23/2/1399, but according to some factors, it’s postponement. Name of researcher: Dr. Mohammad Hassan Sayee. Specialty: General Surgery. Scientific ranking: Associate Professor. Manner of Scientific research subject completion: Individual. Sigmoid volvulus is a life-threatening surgical emergency which demands early surgical intervention. It is a condition which, the sigmoid colon wraps around itself and its own mesentery, and causing a closed-loop obstruction which, if left untreated, often results in life threatening complications, such as, bowel ischemia, gangrene, perforation, sepsis, and death.

Sat, Jun 04 2022 2:30 PM
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The Study, Analysis and Evaluation of Drought in Amu, North and Harirod-Murghab Basins

The Series of Introduction of Scientific-Research Projects: Author: Research Fellow Rafiullah Nosrati Duration: 3/6/1399 to 3/6/1405 This scientific-research project, which is to be completed within a certain period of time by the Research fellow Rafiullah Nosrati, head of Hydrometeorology Institute of the Geo-Sciences

Tue, May 31 2022 9:26 AM
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research on the incidence, etiology, diagnosis and treatment of cardiogenic shock

Researcher: Associate professor Dr. ziaulRahman haqmal Guide: Professor Dr. Hayathullah hayath place of research: Academy of sciences of Afghanistan and Prestigious hospitals in the country Time of research: from 20/ 5/ 2018 up to 19/ 5/ 2024 Abstract, objective and importance of this research: Cardiogenic shock is a dangerous and deadly event that can occur in the course of different diseases. If these patients are not treated immediately by professional and experienced physicians at a modern cardiac center, more than 70 percent of patients die, and if treated by fulfilling the above mentioned conditions, nearly 40 percent of patients lose their life.

Sat, May 21 2022 1:30 PM
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Indo-US Strategic Partnership; Foreign Policies and Impacts for Afghanistan (2016-2022)

Introduction the Scientific-Research Project Executor: Research Fellow Ziaulhaq Zia Date of execution: 2021/1/14 to 2027/1/15 Purpose and importance of the Project: The purpose of this scientific-research project is to analyze the Indo-US strategic partnership, to identify the strategic partnership in international relations, and to discuss and analyze the implications of the Indo-US strategic partnership and foreign policies for Afghanistan. The USA's positions, responses, and strategic alliances in the international arena have far-reaching implications for other countries. In this context, the study of the USA's strategic partnership with India and their foreign policies and strategic partnership implications for Afghanistan is one of the critical scientific-research topics.

Thu, May 19 2022 11:15 AM
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A Comparative Study of Russian and US Foreign Policy towards Central Asia and Its Impact on Afghanistan (1991-2019)

Introducing of Academic Research project : Duration of implementation: five years (27/08/2019   - 26/08/2024) Objective of Research: Central Asia is Russia's sphere of influence. On the other hand, the United States is competing with Russia, so Research on the comparison of Russian and American foreign policy towards Central Asia is important and urgent.

Sun, May 08 2022 10:45 AM
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1_ Author: Assistant Professor Jalaluddin Najeem 2_ Execution period: (1398/8/29 – 1403/8/28). 3_ Importance of the research Pakistan had worse relation with Afghanistan during cold war, on other hand, USA had good relation with Pakistan during this period, and both USA & Pakistan were following similar policy and strategy toward Afghanistan, therefore, analysis of their relations and its impact on Afghanistan is an important topic. 4_ Research questions How was the relations between USA and Pakistan during 1947 – 1991? What was the impact of USA-Pakistan relations on the region and Afghanistan during the mentioned period?

Wed, Apr 27 2022 11:08 AM
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Pakistan-United States Relations and its Implications for Afghanistan’s and Regions Economic, Political and Social Situations (1991- 2016)

Researcher: Assistant Professor Abdul Saboor Mubariz Duration: From 02/Jan/2020 to 02/Jan/2025 Objectives: The main objective of this research is to analysis Pakistan-U. S economic, political and social ties and its impact on Afghanistan and the Region. Significance: The United States has good and close relations with Pakistan than any other country in the region; Afghanistan is in the neighborhood of Pakistan and Pakistan’s Policies directly effect on Afghanistan and in addition to that Pakistan – U.S ties also have an impact on Afghanistan, so analyzing these relations and clarifying their impacts on Afghanistan showing the importance of this research.